Oracle a perfect circle is the inspiration for this collection. The design relationship between each piece is maintained in a graceful yet independent way.

  • 60cm pedestal washbasin

    Oracle 60cm pedestal basin - one taphole
  • 55cm pedestal washbasin

    Oracle 55cm Pedestal Washbasin - One Taphole
  • Handrinse washbasin

    Oracle 45cm Handrinse Washbasin - One Taphole
  • Vessel washbasin

    Oracle 45cm Vessel Washbasin - No Tapholes
  • Semi-countertop washbasin

    Oracle 50cm Semi Countertop Washbasin - One Taphole
  • Close-coupled WC suite

    Oracle Close Coupled WC Suite - Horizontal Outlet
  • Back-to-wall WC suite

    Oracle Back-to-Wall WC Suite - Horizontal Outlet
  • Shower bath

    Oracle 170cm Idealcast Shower Bath - Left Hand
  • 170cm Bath

    Oracle 170 x 70cm Rectangular Bath - No Tapholes