Functional, affordable and beautiful. We achieve a style that ensures our products are long-lasting.
Robin Levien RDI

Robin Levien number 01

Robin Levien

Royal Designer for industry

Long acknowledged as an expert in the design of bathroom ceramics, Robin is a Royal Designer for Industry and a nonexecutive director of Ideal Standard.

nilo gioacchini number 02

Nilo Gioacchini


Nilo honours the legacy of his illustrious Florentine forebears by incorporating a deep understanding of the purpose and environment of every object he designs.

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Led by Thomas Fiegl and Achim Pohl, the Artefakt design team produce products of simplicity, sensuality and a consistent ethos.

Franco Bertoli number 04

Franco Bertoli


A graduate of the University of Milan with a prestigious and eclectic client list. Ideal Standard has worked with Franco since 1984.