Our history

  • 2015

  • 20/09/2015

    Sottini re-launched the brand in September 2015 at 100% design. The brand was launched with a host of fresh new products that could be used without any restrictions to a collection. The new products portfolio inspires you "the customer" to Simply Imagine.
  • 1975

  • 01/01/1975

    The 70s are probably the brightest years in the history of the company, when the Sottini golden brassware became internationally recognised especially by middle-eastern emirs and ship-owners, their main customers. In 1972 the company opened a new factory in Gozzano (Novara), a unique example of post-modern architecture. In the meantime the new headquarters opened in the glamorous centre of Milan.
  • 1962


    The 60s is the time of brassware, sold for the 90% in the USA. Thanks to the American experience Sottini put into the Italian market the fittings in methacrylate first and onyx afterwards.
  • 1951

  • 01/01/1951

    In the 50s they got the brilliant intuition of starting to produce aluminium coffee machines that they sold under the brand Vampa. This step gave the company the chance to succeed considerably. Afterwards the time of the cooperation with Fiat in Turin came; Sottini manufactured various metal pieces for the important car company.
  • 1939

  • 01/01/1939

    In 1939 the brothers decided to set up their own business manufacturing stamps for metal sheets. With the beginning of the Second World War the activity started to go down, affected also by the deporting of Giuseppe Sottini in a Concentration Camp in Germany. After the war the business grew up again with the production of brassware for irrigation. Antonio and Giuseppe use to visit personally each customer and expanded their business in the region of Liguria, just under Piemonte.